LEAP Student Identification Matrix

Gifted and Talented Student Identification Matrix


The Identification Matrix used to identify students for the LEAP program is that which is required for gifted and talented programs throughout the Northern Valley. A student usually must require 10-12 points in total from the elements below to qualify. Students are evaluated to enter the program in 3rd and 6th grades or when new to the district in grades 4-7.

Standardized Achievement Scores:

An Advanced Proficient score in the top 10% of the district grade level cohort in Language Arts and Mathematics is considered exceptional and earns 2 points for each academic area. (Maximum 4 points possible.)

Renzulli Scales for Rating Superior Students:

The Renzulli Scales provide a structured, systematic instrument in which teachers can provide valuable observations of a student’s thinking and learning behavior in the regular classroom, relative to his/her peer group.  The behavioral characteristics rated in these scales are consistent with the traits required for success in the educational experiences that Gifted and Talented programming provides and in meeting the appropriately higher standards set for students in these settings.  An exceptional score on any area of the scale (Creativity, Leadership, Learning, Motivation) earns a student one point. (Maximum 4 points possible.)

Aptitude Test:

Old Tappan uses a group-administered, multiple-choice test of abstract thinking and reasoning. It measures verbal, quantitative, and spatial reasoning ability to assess abilities related to school success.  A score of 135 or higher is awarded 4 points, and a score of 130-134 is awarded 3 points. Any score below 130, but within the top 10% of the grade earns 2 points.