4th Grade Band Documents


When will my child’s lesson be?

Students will be assigned to lesson groups made up of similar instruments.  Lesson groups will rotate through time slots.  Rotating lessons create less impact on the student’s daily routine and are common in most public school systems.

Where do I get an instrument from?

Unless you happen to already own the instrument recommended, renting an instrument is your best option.  Old Tappan has been using Music and Arts in Paramus as its instrument supplier for many years.  Music and Arts has a superb reputation renting only quality instruments and offering reputable service.  Instruments rented from Music and Arts are delivered to T. Baldwin Demarest School unless you choose to go to the store directly. If they are in need of repair throughout the year, they will be picked up.

What else might my child need from the music store?

Often, parents purchase items for their children to entice them to practice their instrument.  If that may be the case, please purchase necessary items such as a folding music stand to use while practicing, care kits that include cleaning cloths and lubricants for the instrument. Clarinets and Saxophones will need plenty of reeds so purchase extras reeds early on.  I recommend purchasing Rico reeds size 2.  It is not necessary to purchase more expensive reeds this early on.  Percussionists sometimes get excited about a new pair of drumsticks.  Any pair will do, however make sure they are not too big for young hands.  Vic Firth makes a great pair of sticks called Generals and they will work out great.

How do I get my child to practice their new instrument?

Practicing is like homework, only more fun.  Students will want to practice the most in the beginning because it’s new and exciting.  It’s my job to keep that enthusiasm going throughout the course of the year.  As parents, you can help by finding time for your child to practice where they won’t be easily distracted and hopefully for 15 to 30 minutes 4 to 5 days each week.  It’s been proven that if a consistent practice schedule and environment are set up for the child early on they will be more likely to succeed.  I also have created an incentive program that the students will be given information on.  There’s nothing like stickers to get a 4th grader to do what you want!

What other options do I have?

  • You may call around to other music stores and compare rates for renting.  

  • Certain families have access to owned instruments that they may borrow from a relative or a friend.  This obviously eases the cost of renting, but it is the responsibility of the parents to make sure the instrument is in perfect working order.  Please be sure to take it to a reputable store for repairs if necessary.  Imagine trying to teach a kindergartener how to write with a broken pencil.

  • Please refrain from purchasing an instrument that seems appealing due to low cost. Many poor quality instruments are available from “superstores” such as BJ’s, Kmart or even Toys R Us; however, you get what you pay for! Please call if you have any questions and I will be happy to discuss it with you.

Finally, if you still have any questions I can almost guarantee I have the answer for you.  Please email me at [email protected] and I will be happy to get back to you.