SCIENCE - Overview

7th Grade Life Science

Ms. K. Mueller

Room 211

E-mail: [email protected]

I.                    Curriculum Overview

·         Structure, Function and Information Processing

·         Growth, Development and Reproduction of Organisms

·        Inheritance and Variation of Traits

·         Natural Selection & Adaptations

·         Matter and Energy in Everyday Life (Organisms and Ecosystems)

·         Ecosystem Dynamics (Relationships in the Ecosystem)

·         Science Processes (Throughout the year)

·         Techniques and Laboratory Procedures (Throughout the year)

II.                Grading – Final Grade is based on total points accumulated for all assignments.

For example: 350 points accumulated out of 400 possible points = 88 average

- Parents can access the Genesis Parent Portal for all grades and complete assignments.

A.     Tests/Quizzes

- Pen must be used on Tests/Quizzes unless it’s a scantron test which will be announced beforehand. If pen is not used, points will be taken off.

-Tests and quizzes may be taken on laptops as well.

- An outline will be posted for tests on my webpage and/or Google classroom one week       

prior to the test date.

- Pop Quizzes may be given the day after a homework assignment.

- Criterion Reference Test (Final Exam -25% of 4 th M.P.) given by the Northern Valley to help determine placement in High School Science.

B.     Projects

-          Anything handed in late will result in a homework miss and points will be taken off each day it’s late.

-          Google Classroom will have time limits on items, be aware of them and hand in work on time. If marked late on Google classroom, it’s considered a homework miss.

-          When working in groups, each student is expected to do their portion of the work assigned. Inpidual student work and group work will be graded accordingly.

C.     Binder  and Homework

-          Table of contents must be up to date and may be graded at the end of each unit.

-          Binders must be headed properly and contain all assignments up to date.

-          All binders will be cleaned out periodically throughout the year and all papers will be kept in a folder at school.

-          Homework is due at the start of class, or when it’s due on google classroom. It is a zero otherwise.

-          You will not be allowed to go to lockers and get assignments/laptop, so be prepared.

-          3 or more homework misses in one marking period will drop your grade one full letter grade. Ex. ‘A’ end of 1 st M.P. + 4 HW misses = ‘B’ for final M.P. grade.

-          The homework misses will be erased after each marking period.

-          Homework misses will be recorded on the Genesis Parent Portal.

D.     Participation

-          Class participation, overall behavior in class, being prepared for class, and showing an effort in every area can affect your grade at the end of each marking period.

-          Laptops are to be used for various Science activities only.

III.             Labs

-          Pencil recommended

-          Although working in pairs/groups, each student is expected to submit an inpidual lab sheet and/or google classroom assignment.

-          Missed labs must be made up within 2 days after returning to school. Labs that are not made up in a timely fashion will result in a zero for that lab.

IV.       Classroom Management

A.    This classroom operates in a friendly, polite atmosphere based on mutual respect.

B.     All work is to be done neatly and thoughtfully.

C.     Students are expected to ask questions if they do not understand.

D.    Extra help is available before and after school if requested by the student in advance. JUST ASK!

E.     Laptops are to be used for Science related activities only and are only to be used at the direction of the teacher.

F.      Arrangements to make up work/labs, due to an absence, are to be made by the students within 2 days after returning to school.

G.    When absent the day before a test, students are still expected to take the test that next day, or the next day they return to school.

H.    Make an effort in everything you do!


** If these items are not in class each day, it could result in a homework miss.

LAPTOPS/Chromebooks– Ms. Mueller will let you know if you are using them in class that day or not, but they    should always be with you.

1 BLACK BINDER – Binder will be broken up into Units based on what we are working on!

3 POCKET FOLDERS – 1 should be in your science binder, and the other 2 will be given to Ms. Mueller to be used when we clean out our binders.

            3-HOLE PUNCH – attached to your binder