6th Grade Broadcasting

6th Grade Broadcasting
6th graders will use the online video editor WeVideo to create short documentary videos.
How To Videos for editing in case you are confused about something.
Finished Videos that are of high quality can appear on our Knightly Chronicles Online Newspaper.
Occasionally, these Knightly Chronicles stories premiere on our Morning Announcements show, the Old Tappan Broadcast Network (OTBN). -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Below are some additional 6th Grade Broadcasting Links

Tutorial for WeVideo - Written Instructions on the basics of WeVideo. WeVideo Recorder Extension - This allows you to record video with your Chromebook.

How to Upload Videos to WeVideo From an iPhone - Step by step instructions on how to get a video recorded on your Iphone to Google Drive, and then to WeVideo.

How to Submit a Video to Google Classroom - Instructions on how to submit your finished video the correct way to Classroom.

Screencastify - Record your screen.  Good for flipped classroom, Khan academy style lessons, etc.

Free music & Sound Effects - All free to download and put in any videos you edit.  Youtube allows you to upload videos with these sounds in it without violating any copyright.