Introduction - Grading Policy

8 th Grade Science

Welcome to 8 th Grade Physical Science! This is an important and busy year as we prepare for our transition to high school. Below I have listed goals, expectations, rules and policies to help make our year successful and fulfilling.


  1. To learn the most we possibly can.
  2. Be prepared for high school.


  1. Students will come to class on time, prepared and ready to learn.



  1. Listen and follow all directions.
  2. Be respectful of others’ rights, feelings, opinions and personal space.
  3. Help promote a safe learning environment.


  1. Feeling good about oneself for making good decisions.
  2. Verbal praise
  3. Parent contact


1. Verbal warning

2. Removal from group or activity

  1.  Parent contact and detention
  2.  Administrative intervention

GRADING POLICY- Point System - Each assignment will have a numerical value. At the end of each quarter your grade will be determined by calculating your total points earned and piding that by the total points possible.

For example, if in the 1 st marking period you earn a Total of 270 pt.

Total possible 300 pt.

270 / 300 = 90 % / A-

The point values below are APPROXIMATELY what each type of assignment will be worth:

  1. Tests = 50-100 pt.
  2. Quizzes = 25-50 pt.
  3. Labs = 20- 40 pt.
  4. Projects/Current Events = 15- 30 pt.
  5. Reading Checks = 10-20 pt.
  6. Homework = 5-10 pt.

HOMEWORK : Homework is assigned 2 to 3 times per week. Homework often will consist of a reading assignment. It is imperative that the reading is completed in order to fully comprehend daily lectures, activities, labs and demonstrations.

Please note

  • All assignments are due the beginning of class following the day they are assigned unless otherwise noted.
  • Late assignments will have 5 points deducted per day until the third day when it becomes a zero.
  • If you are absent, assignments need to be completed respective to how many days absent. For example, if you are absent one day you have one day to complete the make-up work.

I hope you find the above outline beneficial in starting us off to a prosperous and exciting new year in our scientific exploration. If you have any questions, comments or any other information that will help us have a successful year, please let me know.