e-Learning Activities

Wednesday June 3, 2020:  Today's Lessons are Posted on Google Classroom for: - 5th Grade Media Studies
- 6th Grade Media Studies 
Click HERE for the CDW Virtual Media Center
Click HERE for the tutorial video on how to navigate it!
Click HERE for the CDW Virtual Talent Show Cookie Fries Recipe!



e-Learning Information for Miss DiPisa's Classes

*To all of my students currently taking a Marking Period 3 Cycle with me:*

1. I will post classwork in an e-Learning Topic on google classroom on the days you would traditionally have me in class on the morning of that specific day. (For example, if you have me on Tuesday's and Wednesday's, check the e-Learning tab of my google classroom on those days)

2. Classwork due dates will be posted along with each assignment.

3. Please PRIVATE MESSAGE ME or have YOUR PARENT EMAIL ME if you have questions on assignments. This would be much appreciated as it helps to not clog up the stream in the google classroom. 

4. Above all- health, safety, & welfare