Knightly Chronicles 2018-2019

Goodbye 8th Graders!
by Mr. Johnson
8th graders are graduating Charles DeWolf Middle School, and on behalf of all of the students, teachers, and staff, we want to congratulate you for completing your middle school journey.  We wish you the best of luck in High School and beyond!

Summer Break!
by Anthony and Myles
Summer Break is a time when kids and their families get together and do what they want. This is what you do when you do not have school and you get to relax. Another thing is you get two months to do whatever you want to do. Some people like to go on vacation with their families to relaxing places, or people like to go to camp. Some camps could be for sports, school, or for fun. Most of the people like to stay home and not have to worry about anything. Also kids like to play video games, the most popular ones are Fortnite, Apex legends, and sport games. Some parents and kids like to look forward to next year and get ready for next school year. However you choose to spend your time, we hope everyone enjoys their summer break.

What's Your Favorite Type of Ice Cream

By Alicia and Elly

One of the most popular ways to cool off in the hot summer sun is by enjoying a scoop of ice cream. Because of the abundant amount of flavors, everyone had their own favorite flavor. Everyone had their own favorite flavor out of the thousands of flavors ice cream companies have made. Keira in 7th grade said that her favorite is green tea flavored ice cream. Also, Ms. Huster, a teacher at Charles DeWolf, said that her favorite flavor is mint chocolate chip. Watch this video to find out what CDW’s favorite ice cream flavors are!

Summer Life Hacks
By Melina, Marina, and Katherine
Summer is most people’s favorite season, however it does have its disadvantages. To investigate this even more, we took a poll at Charles DeWolf to find out people’s biggest pet peeves about summer. We found that most of these problems could easily be fixed at home, so we decided to present life hacks to make summer just a little bit easier.

Spirit Week 2019
by Ali and Gracie
This year in CDW we had a whole week dedicated to spirit week. Each day of the week we had to dress up to show our school spirit. We asked students what their favorite day of Spirit Week 2019 was. Monday was pajama day, Tuesday was twin day, Wednesday was color day, Thursday was 80’s and Friday was college day.   Lizzie in 7th grade said her favorite day was 80s day. Violet in 6th grade said that her favorite day was pajama day. Anthony’s favorite day was 80’s day too. We also asked some students and teachers what future events of spirit week. Gregg said that it could be cool to dress up as your favorite sports team. Ms. DiPisa thought it would be fun to dress up as your favorite teacher. What will next year's spirit week ideas be?

CDW Recycles!
by Mia and Victoria  Here In Charles DeWolf School, we recycle. Most people don’t recycle properly though which is a problem. Some students don’t care that recycling is a thing, while it could actually negatively impact our planet tremendously!  Some students don’t recycle at all, and just put their bottles into the trash, which is pretty careless.  Here in CDW some students put plastic bottles into the paper containers, which is incorrect.  That’s for paper only! Some students actually do put bottles into the correct bottle recycling bins,  but the bottles are still full of liquids. The correct thing to do is to first, empty the bottle of all liquids, and then put the empty bottle into the correct container. Hopefully this can help our environment it could help students listen and help our school look spotless!

2019 Art Show
Please take a look at some of the wonderful art pieces from our CDW middle school students.  Students worked hard all year long, and at the end of the year, this event is held to show off their hard work!

A Recap of Our Trip to Medieval Times!
by Michelle, Violet, and Zoe
As you may know, the 6th graders went to Medieval Times for a field trip. They watched a live show and ate a delicious meal. Let’s see what they thought about the trip. We interviewed Victoria, Myles, and Mrs. Mazzei. They liked to cheering on the knights, the show, and the educational part. We hope everyone who went had a lot of fun!

Father’s Day!
by Elise and Terri
When is father’s day? What should I do for father’s day? We (Terri and Elise) made a video that’s all about Father’s day. It includes tips on what you should get for your father, when is father’s day, etc. We interviewed students in 6th grade in Charles DeWolf Middle School. Those students were Ali D, Jamie K, Matthew H, and Simone S.  We asked them what they were going to do for their father on Father’s Day. Those four students helped us get information on tips what other kids should do for their father on Father’s day.  What are you going to do on Father’s Day?

National Cheese Day!
by Alex and Ronan
June 4 is National Cheese Day.  Everybody loves cheese... or so we thought.  We interviewed a bunch of kids and asked them what their favorite cheese was. We got about 10 responses.  Next, we took the poll of the people and put it into a pie chart. Now that you know about this important holiday, what type of cheese will YOU be eating on National Cheese Day?

National Sunscreen Day - Watch and Learn or Don't and Burn!
by Christian S, Robert, and Nick
On May 27, a holiday called Sunscreen Day is celebrated. National Sunscreen Day is where we get reminded that summer is coming, it is getting hot out and we need to wear sunscreen. We asked some people if they wear sunscreen and when.  Most of the people said that they wear sunscreen (5 said yes and 2 said no). But, people should still put on sunscreen to protect themselves from UV Rays. UV Rays can damage your skin and can burn it, so put sunscreen on every time you are standing right out in front of the sun.

The Coffee House

by: Elise Sun & Terri Kim

Have you ever been to a coffee house? If not have you ever wanted to go to one? We interviewed teachers and students in CDW and asked them what they thought about the coffee house. We interviewed teachers Mr. Ro and Ms. Osbahr, and students Jessie and Jamie. The teachers and students from CDW told us what their favorite part about the coffee house was. The teachers told us how proud they are of all of the students’ performances. What is a Coffee House? Where is the Coffee House? How many students performed? All of these questions are answered.  Hope you come the the next Coffee house next year!

Mother's Day!
By Alex O and Ronan
Mother’s day is coming up soon!  Every day you should be kind and thankful towards your mother, but this is the day that it’s most important that you are nice to her!  We interviewed kids and asked them what they were doing for their moms on Mother's Day. We got a bunch of different answers. Next, we played a clip of what not to do on Mother’s Day. Finally, we ended by reminding everyone to be nice to their moms on this special Mother’s Day!

A Day in the Life of our Superintendent
by: Gracie Gallucci and Alexandra Darmanin 
Have you ever wondered what the superintendent does? Many students know what the principal and the teachers do, but know one really knows what our superintendent, Ms. Da Giau does. Therefore, we asked multiple sixth grade students what they thought the superintendent did. A sixth grade student, Victoria said that she thought the superintendent went to a lot of meetings. One student didn’t know what our superintendent did at all.  Also, our peer Gregg gave us good information. He said that he thought that the superintendent moves around schools a lot because she is the superintendent for both of our schools. Next, we interviewed Ms. Da Giau to see what she actually does. Ms. Da Giau told us she never has a “normal day” except for all of her meetings that are scheduled. We found out our superintendent arrives to school around 7:30-7:45. She also informed us that she never really has scheduled breaks. Ms. Di Giau does not have an office in TBD.  Even though she has no office she goes to TBD everyday. Now you know what our superintendent, Ms. Da Giau does!

Behind the Scenes of OTBN
By Eric, Kieran, and Gregg
Let’s go live in 5, 4, 3, 2, 1! Have you ever wondered what goes on behind the scenes of OTBN? Let’s take a look! What do students do on a daily basis at OTBN? Mr. Johnson said that the students did mostly everything by themselves. How do they know what to say?” Kaleigh said that they use a monitor that shows the anchors the script. We asked James John how much people work on the editing and camera work and he said that usually, it is him and one other girl (Kaylee) who works on it. He said that the camera is set on a tricaster. We also asked him how you set up the images on OTBN and he said that they are preset on the computer. Finally, we asked Mr. Johnson what he is going to do next year when the 8th graders leave and he said that hopefully some new 7th graders will join the cast, and take over for next year.

Should Gum Chewing Be Allowed?
by: Harrison, Dylan, and Nick
There is a quiet chewer, an average chewer, and always the obnoxious chewer. We started asking students about their opinion on gum chewing. We first interviewed a student Christian, and he said, “Yes, because it tastes like heaven and it helps you concentrate a lot.” We then interviewed Mrs. Suriano and she did not like the idea. Lastly, we interviewed a student Matthew and he stated, “It helps me concentrate. It also taste really good.” After interviewing Mathew, we decided to then take an informal survey. We first interviewed 20 students and they all liked the idea. After interviewing the students we interviewed 11 teachers as well. 7 of them said no, 2 of them said maybe, and 1 of them actually agreed that it should be allowed.  Maybe... just maybe gum chewing will be allowed one day.  

CDW Goes On Spring Break!
by Daniel, Anthony, and Myles
Spring break is a time where kids and teacher have time to relax with their family and friends.  Some people take the time to go on vacation to fun and exotic places, like Florida and Hawaii.  Some people like to just stay home and relax.  Others try to stay active by playing sports or video games. Some people want to be productive and catch up on work.  No matter what you do, we hope everyone enjoys their time off during spring break.

The Future of Chromebooks
By Lorenzo Lago, Chris Galow, and Alex Cleary
Paper, pencil, and erasers are the basic tools we use in school today, but lately Chromebooks have been getting used much more than these. We believe that most of these tools will be gone in the future, and Chromebooks will be the dominant tool we use. In this project we talked about the future of Chromebooks in our school. We had 6 interviews, 3 student interviews, and 3 teacher interviews. We ask all of them, “ What do you think we’re going to use Chromebooks for in the future?” There were some very good answers and they could come true in the future. Some ideas were, virtual reality, 3D printers, using Google Earth, and one was even not having Chromebooks and having another device. We believe that some of these ideas could come true. 

A Trip to Medieval Times!
by: Michelle T, Zoe K, and Violet O
The 6th graders are very excited to go on their field trip to Medieval times. There is a show where you get to learn about the Medieval time period. The show consists of a game between knights. You also get to eat at the same time. Let’s talk to some of the students to see their thoughts about it.  After talking to some of the students, they said they were most excited about the meal, the show, and jousting. Stay tuned for the follow up video where we’ll ask students what they thought of the trip.

What is Your Favorite Season?
by Ashley Park and Michela del Rosso
In our WeVideo presentation, we asked the 7th graders and the 7th-grade teachers what their favorite season was. Out of the 16 people that voted, five people chose winter, one person chose spring, seven people chose summer, and three people chose autumn. We first did a voiceover explaining our presentation, then we added vivid pictures and texts to make our presentation more aesthetically pleasing. We then edited all of our 16 people that voted, and compiled it into a lovely presentation. My favorite part of this WeVideo was the witty joke at the beginning. In the end, I think we’ve made an informative two-minute video.

Amazon Drone Delivery
by: Matthew Jang, Jake Lee, Jack Park, and Kevin Ju
Did you know that Amazon tested their first drone delivery at Cambridge, England. We interviewed Mr. Johnson, Ms Dipisa, and two sixth graders about their thoughts about Amazon using automobiles to deliver packages currently, and about the possibility of Amazon using drones to deliver their packages in the near future. There were both negative and positive responses from the students and the teachers. In the meantime, Amazon will keep their traditional methods, and begin experimenting with this drone technology. Who knows?  Maybe Amazon will be the first company to deliver a package to a different planet?

Study Tips from Test Takers and Test Makers
by: Christine Seo, Cara Boyce, and Emmalina Chocho
Struggling to study harder or to get better grades? Here are the tips and points that the testmakers give themselves! We interviewed students and teachers to find out what the best way to study is. The students gave us tips on how they study. We found that students who get better grades tend to have this habit that allows them to study for a short period of time and get much more things into their heads. We found that teachers have a secret weapon to study harder! With this method in your head, you can prepare on your own with a lot your own without having to spend money on finding a tutor or having a headache by trying to understand the instructions on a workbook. However, this method doesn’t guarantee you all A+’s or all A’s. But, as long as you try your best following this method, it will be much more likely to get a 100 on a test or ace a test. Remember, the best tip is always to try your best and get a lot of sleep!

Vending Machines or Direct Snack Sales?
by Sophia E & Vivian N
Our video is a poll video, asking the students and staff at CDW their opinions on vending machines compared to direct sales and the snacks they would like to see in the future. Our question, “Do you prefer snacks being sold in the vending machine or directly? Also, what snacks would you like to see being sold in the future?” was repeatedly asked to everyone in the video. In conclusion, the poll resulted in most students and staff preferring the vending machine, and looking forward to a variety of snacks in the future.

Climate Change in Old Tappan
by: Jack, Thomas, Jake, Kevin, Siddharth
We’ve all heard about the negative effects of climate change, but have you ever wondered how climate change has affected us here in Old Tappan? In this video, we interviewed three teachers in CDW and asked them about climate change. We interviewed Mr. Johnson, Mr. Ro, and Mrs. Zuckerman. The teachers we interviewed told us about what can happen if we don’t try to stop it, what major event they experienced due to climate change,  and what they think about climate change. Also, they taught us how global warming can affect climate change. Hopefully we can do something to prevent the harmful effects of climate change before it’s too late.

Who Does CDW Think Will Win the Superbowl?
Written by: Thomas de Bruijn and Hyunbin Kim
Once again, the Super Bowl is coming up, and the New England Patriots along with the Los Angeles Rams are scheduled to compete against each other this Sunday, February 3rd. We interviewed five people (Guytano, Jack Park, Johnny Rotolo, Siddharth, and Hyunbin). They told us their opinion and surprisingly, no one expected the Patriots to play against the Rams!

The Band Concert!

By Mia Ferraro and Harley McGinnity

The beginning of our video is an introduction to our video. The text says, “Come support our band students in the upcoming band concert.” Next, we asked some band students from 6th grade what instrument they play. We made a compilation of everyone’s answers. After that, we did the same thing except with the question of “What is your favorite song in the upcoming band concert?” That followed by an interview with Mr. Ro when we ask his thoughts on the delayed concert. Finally, we end it as an advertisement. We promote the concert by telling what times they would be performing.   

Explosive Extra Credit by Morgan Kwon Do you smell vinegar lingering through the hallway? Well, that's the scent of volcanic eruptions!  Recently, Mr.Johnson’s 6th grade class made models of volcanoes for extra credit points. The students had to build volcano models of operating volcanoes, some of which were even modeled after real volcanoes. The distinct smell of vinegar came from the fizzing volcanoes to which students added baking soda to make erupt. Some students even added food coloring or soap to enhance the color or look of the explosion. A lot of the volcanoes were nicely decorated with miniature plastic animals and plants.  We would “lava” to see what next year’s 6th graders will make!

Rutgers Science Bus by Jessie Cho, Katelyn Seo, & Jelena Paljan A bus from Rutgers University is coming  to CDW. They came on Thursday, November 29 to teach us about science. We asked a 7th grader, Jillian, and a 6th grader, Jelena, some questions. “My favorite part was when we got to put the bones together because it was really interesting. You had to figure out who the person was based on the clues they gave you.” said Jillian. The 7th graders had experienced a different Rutgers trip then the 6th graders. They had an activity involving bones.  The 6th graders this year for the Rutgers trip had an experiment about oil. “My favorite part was when we got to put the sticks into the tin oil to see if we got oil or rocks.” said Jelena. We also asked Jelena if the trip was worth it. “I think that the trip was worth it because I thought that it was pretty fun at one part when we did the drawings.” Jelena answered. Overall, the Rutgers Bus Trip was a blast! Everyone found something they liked and had fun.
National Junior Honor Society
by Lorenzo Lago, Alex Cleary, and Chris Galow
In CDW there is something called the National Junior Honor Society. In order to be in the National Junior Honor Society, you not only have to have good grades, but you have to also have to contribute to the community by performing a service. We also learned how the meetings are set up.  The 7th and 8th graders are either called on the loud speaker, briefed about a future meeting on OTBN, told in LA class, or reminded by the remind app.  It makes sense to try and get the best head start in your academic career, and there may be no better way to do that than to try your best to join the National Junior Honor Society.
2019 Teacher New Years Resolutions
by Graciela Fajardo and Victoria DelJuidice

Every year, millions of Americans set resolutions to accomplish in the upcoming year. Behind the desks and all over CDW, teachers make resolutions too! They have goals for 2019 also, like you and me! We interviewed Mrs. Suriano, Ms. DiPisa, Mr. Ro, Mr. Lauriello, Mrs. Bambach and Ms. Osbahr.  These are all teachers who want to achieve something this year! There resolutions range from eating less sugar to being more happy. What resolutions have you made for 2019?

An Author Visits CDW!

by Cara Boyce, Emmalina Chocho and Christine Seo


The author for the legendary book Small Spaces will come in to share secrets about her latest hit. Her novel filled with mysterious and creepy surprises will be judged by some fans of the legendary author, Katherine Arden. Have you been looking  for a juicy mystery to read? We have prepared some reviews for this new novel. Hopefully you will be able to enjoy this book as much as we did ourselves. This book can be found in many bookstores. So we all hope you can joy while reading this amazing thriller.

A Fright Night to Remember
by Katelyn Song and Jessie Cho

Fright Night has come and gone, and we are going to look back on the memorable night to see if everyone was ready for the greatest Halloween ever. We interviewed students, Nicole, Graciela, Christos, and Simone. They told us about their costumes, what they think should be added to Fright Night, and what they like about Fright Night. They all ended having a great time at Fright Night. There was a DJ booth, movies, snacks, bingo, corn maze, and gaga pits. Fright Night was held from 6:30 PM to 8:30 PM. Several students agreed: it was one of the best Halloween parties you’ve ever been to.  The scariest thing would be if there isn't another one next year!

Secret Teacher Talents by Graciela Fajardo, Madison Kosmark, and Jelena Paljan Outside of school, teachers do more than just grade papers and come up with assignments for us to do. They all have talents, and hobbies just like you! We interviewed some of these teachers, like Mrs. Suriano, Mrs. Swerdloff, Mr. O’Neill, and Ms. DiPisa. They can draw, do hot yoga, bake, and even kickbox! Maybe your teacher has a secret talent. Maybe you and your teacher have the same talent. To find out, all you have to do is ask!

CDW Soccer News
by Madison K and Nicole K

Do you ever wonder how it’s like on your school soccer team? We interviewed the coach (Mr. Gagliano) and two of the players (Mae and Andrew). We have clips of the soccer practice and some of the drills the players do. It shows how Mr. Gagliano coaches and how much he enjoys coaching. The video includes the record and a surprise of how far the team has gotten. I hope you enjoy this video as much as we did making it.

Dishing on Thankgiving
by Jake Lee & Siddharth Pattisapu

Thanksgiving is one of the most widely known holidays of the year.  You get to leave school early, get together with family, and best of all - eat food.  But what is the best food to eat during Thanksgiving?  We asked several different students and staff members and heard a lot of different answers.  There were classics like turkey and mashed potatoes, but also some other unusual favorites.  You will be left wanting more... food.  Happy Thanksgiving to everyone!
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