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This Is Me - As Sung by the CDW Choir
As the unprecedented 2019-2020 school year comes to an end, please take the time to listen to this amazing song (submitted by each student remotely) titled "This Is Me". On behalf of the Charles DeWolf Middle School Choir and the Knightly Chronicles Middle School Digital Newspaper, have a wonderful summer!

Last Day of School

By Chloe

It’s already the last day of school! It was especially a special year because we have tried a new system of learning, e-Learning. It’s time to take a break from it now. Are you excited to enjoy your summer? Relax, enjoy and have fun. Yet, remember to wear your face masks all the time, keep your social distances, and wash your hands. Stay safe and healthy, we hope to see you back in school in September!

How Are Your Pets Doing During Quarantine? 

By Erin, Lili, and Sofia 

Since quarantine started, it’s been a little hard for everyone to adjust to this new life. It’s also been hard for pets. In this video, we hear from different 6th grade students about how their pets are doing during quarantine. Most people said that their pets are doing well and are enjoying all the extra attention. Everyone is very stressed right now, so it's good that at least our pets are happy!  How is your pet doing?

Staying Fit While Stuck at Home

By Joey and Jake

How have you been exercising during these tough times? We took some interviews from FlipGrid and put them in our video. We took 5 interviews from FlipGrid, so we could have a range of answers. The interviews were from sixth graders Jason, Gianna, Niko, Bella, and Ciaran. These students shared how they stay fit during quarantine. Most of the answers were about sports, and bike rides. Although, there were a couple of unique answers. We included a few extra tips, just to add on to what the other students said. Hopefully, this video gave you a good idea on ways to stay fit during this quarantine.

What do you do at home? By Nolan During these hard times, it’s hard to keep yourself busy. However, there are many things to occupy yourself while in quarantine! What do you do at home? This is what I asked multiple 6th grade students in CDW Middle School to see what they have to say.Did they play video games? Take a walk? You’ll have to watch the video to see! Speaking of which, what do you do at home nowadays?

Watching and Wondering 

By Jason 

Have you been keeping up with the news? Wondering what state our world is in with the coronavirus? We had students from CDW answer this question and got their everyday experience with the news. Is the news worth watching? Will we get out of quarantine soon? Will I benefit from the news? These are questions students asked themselves before answering the question. Overall, some of us do and some of us don’t watch the news but in the end all we have to do is stay safe.

What is there to do when you’re bored during quarantine?
By Sooa What do you do when you’re bored during quarantine? Coronavirus is a serious outbreak that drove everyone into social distancing and quarantine. People were asked to stay inside; students were not allowed to go to school and were asked to continue their studies with e-Learning. We interviewed people from our class with the question: What do you do when you’re bored during quarantine? Hyacinth, 6th grade, “I first do my homework and then after that, I spend some time with my family and after that I do my social media.” Sooa, 6th grade, “When I’m done with my school homework, I read for the whole day, which is fun.” Erin, 6th grade, “So once I’m done with my school homework, I go outside or play a video game or watch TV.” Bella, 6th grade, “To keep busy at our house, I usually play soccer or lacrosse or read, watch TV or sometimes I’ll talk to friends.” What do you do when you’re bored? Thanks for watching!

Staying Fit during Quarantine!
by Erin, Sofia, & Lili Have you ever wondered how to stay fit during a pandemic like this? Well the students in CDW have their own ways. There are many things to do during this tough time. You can go on a social distance walk with your family. You can also do workouts to keep your body in shape. There are a lot of things going on right now, but we need to get through this. People are losing their jobs and are stress eating because of that. This is why exercising is so important, especially now. Since we are very bored because we can’t leave our houses, people are just eating. Exercise is so important for the body. In the beginning of quarantine, it was very cold outside now since the weather is getting nicer we have an opportunity to go outside and walk, hunt, fish, and more! Here is what the students at CDW come up with.

What do you dislike about E-Learning

By Samuel

Have you ever wondered, “Are students enjoying E-Learning” to yourself? We received 3 students' interviews from Flipgrid and asked them about what do you dislike about E- Learning. The 3 students are Luke, Joey, and Niko. Do they struggle in work? Do they have way too much homework? Are they getting distracted at home too much? Have you ever wondered if E-Learning gives too much homework? Good for you, because in this video we answer some of those thoughts in your head. Hope you enjoy this video, and don't just give up on E-Learning just because it's online. You’ll still lose points!

List of things that people might do during quarantine.
by Hyacinth Don’t know what to do during quarantine? Having trouble to remove this boredom? Don’t know what else to do? We listed 6 things that people can and might do in a quarantine lifestyle. Hopefully, these advice will help you solve this common problem that people have these days. Just remember this is just a list. There are more activities and fun things to enjoy with your family and your friends. You can get creative and have an awesome day. We hope that this video will get an idea of how to make your boredom a little bit more enjoyable and finds it helpful for students and teachers these days. We all hope that you all stay safe. Thank you for watching this video!

How do you keep busy during quarantine?

By Niko and Joe 

Are you wondering how you keep busy during quarantine? We interviewed students to see how they keep busy. If you are wondering, then you can watch this video on how to keep busy during quarantine. Creating this video helped us keep busy during quarantine! Hopefully you can learn about some new ideas if you are bored at home during quarantine, to try and keep busy and change up your routines.

Likes and Dislikes About e-Learning
By Chloe, Gianna, and Giselle
COVID-19 is changing the world right now. Because of COVID-19, students have been doing e-Learning at home. E-Learning is an “learning conducted via electronic media, typically on the internet” according to Google Dictionary. Different schools are doing e-Learning in many different ways. Students and teachers in Charles DeWolf Middle School are mainly using Google Classrooms, Flip Grids and Google Meets to do e-Learning. Some students were completely fine doing e-Learning at home. Then again do all students enjoy e-Learning? Many students have different opinions on it, so watch the video and hear some different opinions on the new e-Learning system.

How are CDW students exercising during the quarantine?
by Ryan
Have you ever wondered how the students of CDW exercised during the quarantine? We interviewed students in CDW and asked them about what they did to exercise. It is important to
exercise, even during the quarantine because it has many benefits and improves your overall health. Many students said that they walked as their main way of exercising. Walking is a great way to get exercise in a short amount of time. Watch the video to find out what other exercises the students did to stay fit and healthy.

Fully Charged For The Day

By Jason, Jacob, and Caleb

Charging your chromebook is important so, well, you can use it. Students and teachers in CDW use their chromebooks every day in school. We interviewed Mr. Johnson and students Charlotte, Brendan, Luke, Jonah, and Adam. They gave us their take on their chromebook habits. Sometimes you do forget to charge it like you are supposed to, but that’s okay. It matters if you turn it into an everyday thing when you forget to charge your computer. Our video includes tips on how to remember to charge your chromebook if you struggle with this. In the end, make it a habit to charge your chromebook and try to be responsible.

How to Avoid Getting Sick!
By Chanel, Sophia, and Bella Our video was created on the idea of viruses spreading around. It was the time when the coronavirus started spreading to the US. We weren’t worried about it because many scientists stated that this would be similar to the flu virus. Now we know better, because the coronavirus started spreading tremendously. However, we wanted to get an idea of what our classmates and teachers were thinking. We interviewed multiple students that were sick recently and teachers that have children to take care of. We could not not film certain teachers because they did not want to be recorded. We also wanted to get information about what was planned for the school. We decided to interview the principal and student manager. They gave us information about the plans for now and what would happen in the event that school is cancelled. Some things we included in the video were tips, questions, and information on viruses.

What is Your Favorite Item in The Vending Machine? by Ciaran, Maximo, and Nicholas
Do you not know what snack to choose in the school vending machines? Well, we interviewed different students in CDW and asked them what their favorite snack was in the school vending machines. The students gave us their favorite snack options from the vending machines and we put them all into a video. So if you ever want to try a different snack in the vending machines, then you can take the advice or you could use the feedback from these student’s interviews to try a new snack in the vending machines. We hope you enjoy this video, and you find it somewhat interesting and entertaining.

Student Feedback On the Science Bus By Gianna, Giselle, and Chloe Attention sixth graders! Did you enjoy the Science Bus? Sixth graders went on the bus and learned about how digging for oil works. They also did some very fun experiments and activities. It was their first time on the Science Bus, so we interviewed some students for feedback. Did they enjoy the Science Bus or did they not? Watch the video and find out about it! We hope you enjoy the video and hope this gives some ideas on the Science Bus for the fifth graders that will be on the bus next year!
If OTBN is not working, what should you do? By Etan and Ryan OTBN, everybody knows it, it is the CDW broadcasting network for Old Tappan. They show many important things like trips that are coming up and cool events in school. But what if it does not work, you won’t know when your band lesson is today or if there is anything happening. Well, you no longer need to worry! If OTBN does not work there is a google classroom that you can access for the news. In this class it shows everything that was going to be on OTBN in written form. The class code for this class is NPDK6E7. We hope you enjoyed this video and learned where and how to get your daily news.

What’s in the custodian’s closet?
By Angelina, Nicole, and Regan Our video is about the mystery of the custodian's closet. We thought it would be a funny, yet somewhat informational video that could go on OTBN. Lots of kids want to see what staff only areas are like, and this is a small virtual tour of a staff only room, the custodian's closet. We think lots of kids would enjoy our video because it's an enjoyable video you can get a laugh out of while watching. Besides it being funny, it has the informational aspect of the other videos on OTBN. We interviewed students, and staff members on what they thought was in there. While doing this we got both serious and silly answers. So what is in the custodian’s closet? There’s only one way to find out...

Apple or Android?

By Zach and Chris 

We interviewed some students from CDW and all of them prefer Apple over Android.  Lets see what Zack, Jett, Max, and Bryan had to say.  Some of them liked the cameras and the quality of the phone.  Others said they liked Apple because they have the phone and they don't have an Android phone.  Some felt it was simpler and easier to communicate between Apple to Apple phones such as FaceTime.  You can’t FaceTime from Apple to Android you can only do it with Apple.  Also possibly students can like both phones and think that they are equally as good.  Maybe as a result of these interviews some of the students will change their phone platform.

Medieval Times

By Matthew, Roey, and Dylan

*Editor’s Note: This story was completed before the spread of COVID-19 caused us to begin remote learning.  The information may be outdated, but has still been posted to showcase the hard work of the student creators.

Do you want to take a trip back in time? Well you can, sort of. Medieval Times is a place that we are going to take a field trip to. It takes us back to the middle ages and we can experience exciting jousting, thrilling sword fights, dancing horses, and flying falcons. We asked some students how they felt about going on the field trip. Have you ever been to Medieval times? Did you like it? What was your favorite part? Are you excited about going to Medieval Times? We interviewed Max, Arav, Caleb, and Nolan. Most people were excited to go to the medieval times. Some of them said they liked the meal there. This field trip will be a great experience for people that haven’t gone there. I think even the people who went there already, will still enjoy it every time they go.  Overall Medieval Times is wonderful for all ages to enjoy. Sadly due to COVID-19 we will no longer be able to go on the trip.

How do you choose your book?

By Sooa, Noa, and Hyacinth 

We were curious about how people choose their book.  So, we interviewed 6 teachers Mr. Johnson, Ms. Brock, Ms.Osbahr, Mrs. Watters, Mr. Ro, and Ms. DiPisa.  The teachers gave us an idea about how people choose their book. Some of the responses were very different while others were pretty similar. Before we interviewed the teachers we would sometimes give them examples, such as if they saw the cover or  the summary of the book. We hope that we gave you more ideas of how you can choose your favorite book without overthinking which book is the best. Hope you enjoyed our video and found it as helpful as we did!

What are CDW’s Favorite Recess Activities?

By Jake and Joey 

Have you ever thought about which activity is most popular at recess? Well, we did and we interviewed different students about what they they like to do during recess.  If you guys saw our question on the OTBN Google Classroom and answered it, your response is in this video. Even if you don’t like physical activities, you can talk with your friends or even just stay in the lunchroom, but others who like physical activities can play basketball, football, boxball and more. We hope you enjoyed this video and we hope you learned more about how popular your favorite activity is. Overall, CDW has a variety of games to play during recess, and the students here enjoy all of them! 

Disney’s Beauty and the Beast Jr.

By Sofia, Lili, and Erin

*Editor’s Note: This story was completed before the spread of COVID-19 caused us to begin remote learning.  The information may be outdated, but has still been posted to showcase the hard work of the student creators.

Lights, camera, action! Our school is putting on the production of Disney’s Beauty and the Beast Jr. We interviewed some students and teachers about whether they were excited for the musical and how they thought it would turn out. The students we interviewed were Roey, Samantha, Gianna, Nicoletta, Ava, Arav, and Christos, who all had roles in the musical. They also all gave the same basic answer: That they are very excited for the musical and think it will turn out great. A few of them commented on how Ms. Osbahr was running the musical, and how that has never been done before. The teachers we interviewed were Ms. Osbahr, the director of the musical, and Mrs. Watters, who is in charge of set design. Mrs. Osbahr talked about how she hopes the results of the musical will be what she has in mind, and Mrs. Watters talked about some of the set ideas that she has for the musical.  We hope you enjoyed this video and hope to see you at the musical!

The Glamour of Gum

By Nolan

Have you ever wondered why so many people are chewing gum nowadays? Well, I’ve looked into this question by interviewing many retired chewers and asking them questions. Together, we’ll take a look at why they did it, in which classes they did it in, and (with body language) do they regret it? Also, learn about what type of gum they chew in some cases. It’s fun to listen to what they have to say, and sometimes laugh.  Listen up to find out more about your friends and if they ever chewed gum in school!

Coffee House 2020

By Anthony and Brendan

*Editor’s Note: This story was completed before the spread of COVID-19 caused us to begin remote learning.  The information may be outdated, but has still been posted to showcase the hard work of the student creators.

The coffee house is a fun activity for all grades. Many people from different grades will be watching and some will act. The coffee house will take place sometime later this year. Kids from grade 5 to grade 8 can participate in the concert. They can sing, play an instrument, do a comedy act and much more. At the coffee house, they will be serving coffee, hot chocolate, popums, munchkins, and  cookies. All of these yummy treats are free. Hope to see you there!

Zen Classroom by Emily Choi Who doesn’t love a little classroom where you can just sit and relax? The Zen Classroom, located in the Conference Room, is perfect for those who need a moment for themselves and take a break. Many students experience an enormous amount of stress and we believe one of the best ways to cope with it is by relaxing and having a period to yourself during a school day. It is open to all eighth graders during CE and lunch. In the Zen Classroom, you can either meditate with, draw, color, plant, or do whatever that makes you relax. Its only limits are that one person can use it up to twice a month, with five people per session. First come first serve. We hope the Zen Classroom allows you to get disconnected with the outer world so you can have a moment of peace for yourself!

Mr. Capilli taught Social Studies at Charles DeWolf Middle School for many years.  He had a huge impact on the students that were in his classes, and they will not forget the time they had together.  This video is a compilation made by his current 7th grade students saying goodbye.  We wish you the best of luck in everything going forward, Mr. Capilli!

The Old Tappan Podcast Network! By Arav and Samuel Have you ever wondered what our 8th Graders do in Broadcasting Class? They work on the OTPN (aka The Old Tappan Podcast Network). They make podcasts about topics that they are concerned about. For example, one episode is titled “Will kids born today ever learn how to drive?.” We interviewed Mr. Johnson, Maxwell, and Christopher about what they do in OTPN. Sometimes they will record and another day, they will edit their recordings. Their topics are very interesting and they happen in the real world. Have you looked at the podcasts yet? View them on You can also look for the podcast in any podcast app on a phone or tablet, and search for “Old Tappan.” Even though these podcasts have no visual part to them, you will very much enjoy listening to what the 8th graders have to say!
Loaner Laptops in the Classrooms By Olivia and Charlotte Has your chromebook ever broke down during class or just suddenly stopped working? Well you should thank the Tech Team for delivering the two loner laptops to each classroom just in case this happened. We interviewed three students on what they think about the two loner laptops. Each of the students told us one reason why they think the two loner laptops are useful to students. Then, we showed Mrs. Suriano’s set of rules as an example. Most teachers’ sets of rules goes along the same lines as Mrs. Suriano’s. Let’s all give a big thanks to the Tech team for helping deliver the two loaner laptops!

OTBN Spotlight Part 2

By Adam and Adam

Have you ever wondered how OTBN is made? Just to be safe, I am going to tell you anyway. OTBN is not made by only one person. Many people work together to make OTBN. A few of the jobs that you may not see in every OTBN video are the sound engineer and the tricaster operator. The sound engineer is in charge of making sure the sound in the video is working properly and so people’s ears don’t bleed. The tricaster operator is in charge of changing the camera view, and what is displayed on the TV screens. Although none of these jobs show up on video, they are both extremely important jobs in the production of OTBN.

OTBN Spotlight Part 1

By Adam and Adam

Have you ever wondered how OTBN is made? Sure you have! OTBN is not made by only one person. Many people work together to make OTBN. A few of the jobs that you can see in every single OTBN video is the anchor, the weather, and the pledge. The anchor is in charge of reading important topics that have to do with the school and other important announcements. The person in charge of the weather reads the weather at the end of the video, while the pledge reads the Pledge of Allegiance at the end of the video. The anchor reads off of a monitor behind the camera which displays the entire script. The weather and pledge read off of a whiteboard that has everything written on it. Although it appears that there are only three people working at OTBN, there is a whole crew of people who work behind the scenes. Those jobs deserve an entire story on their own!

New Books in CDW

By Isaiah, Ryan, and Harold

There are new books in CDW that you can check out in the library. There are many options like Harbor Me and Storm Runners. If you have time to go to the library and check it out. Make sure to ask Miss DiPisa or your fellow classmates for some more recommendations!  There are so many great books to read that are in our library, that sometimes a recommendation can really help pick the best one for you.

Valentine’s Day Gifts by Luke and Jonah Valentine's Day is coming up and we hope you have a lovely one. This holiday occurs on February 14 every year. We interviewed some students and teachers on good ideas to give someone on Valentine’s day. Some of the ideas were to buy a teddy bear, a card, a box of chocolates, to say thank you, flowers, a cute gift of some sort, and candy. Make sure you treat your special someone extra special!

Cambodia Club Presents… Paint Night!

By Nina and Sienna

Do you want to help schools in Cambodia?  Many schools in Cambodia do not have walls, or roofs, or bulletin boards. Some of them do not have the same quality education like we do. To help those schools you can come to Paint Night! It will be held on Thursday, February 6th in the Lynch Gym at 7:00 p.m. It is $25 per person to paint an awesome picture. Bring your friends and have fun! We hope to see you there!

Boys and Girls Basketball Teams

By Zack, Devyn, and Luke

The school’s boys and girls basketball teams are looking to make a splash this season. We interviewed players on what they thought about their team, teammates, and how they think the season will go. We interviewed both the boys and girls on the teams.  We also got some footage from the boys and girls practices. There we saw scrimmages, strategies from the coaches, and inbound plays. Some of the players thought that their teammates were nice, and some other teammates said that they thought that they were going to have to work to have a successful season.  Overall, both teams tried their hardest this season, and the players had a fun time.

Family STEAM Night by Aliya, Alice, and Lauren Are you interested in Family Steam Night? We interviewed Ms.Mueller and some students in CDW and we asked them if they wanted to go to Family Steam Night or not. Also, we interviewed Ms. Mueller to ask her for the Steam Night. What time is it start? Where is it? Do you have to sign up? Do the kids have to be from CDW? The students from CDW gave us their opinion and why they want to go to the Steam Night or not. We have also added some Family Steam Night information for you. We hope you enjoyed this video and we hope this video is useful to you. Please come to Family Steam Night with your family and experience sort of science activities on January 13.
Goodbye to Jake Jake is a student at CDW that made a difference in the lives of a lot of students and teachers! This video was created by Matthew Morin to say goodbye to a friend of our school as he moves away. Goodbye Jake, we will miss you.

How to See if CDW Has a Particular Book in Stock Using Destiny Discover
Charles DeWolf Middle School has so many great books for you to check out, but how can you know exactly which books are in stock, and which ones are actually in our library? Watch this video, as our Library Media Specialist Miss DiPisa explains exactly what you should do!

MLK Day!

By Max

Martin Luther King Jr. Day is Monday, January 20th. These are 5 fun facts about Martin Luther King Jr. Day.  For a long time, Martin Luther King Jr. was the youngest person to ever receive the Nobel Peace Prize. Since he was a famous civil rights leader, he was arrested 29 times.  He is the only non-president to have a national holiday. There are 90 city streets named after him. Martin Luther King Jr. traveled 2 million miles for civil rights. This Monday, think about what Martin Luther King did for our country.

New Year Predictions

by Sue, Ashley, Sophia, and Olivia

The Year 2020 is finally here. We interviewed different students and teacher in CDW and asked them about new year predictions. Some students said Donald Trump will not be the president in 2020 and also students said there will be developed technologies or more pollution. We interviewed teacher Ms. Brock. She said there will be less violence and more kindness. Lots of students enjoyed thinking about what 2020 is like. We hope you enjoyed this fun and futuristic video!

Old Tappan 125th Anniversary by Jonah and Luke Old Tappan turned 125 years old on October 19, 2019. It was a big day in Old Tappan history, and we hope everyone had fun if you went. It was at Stone Point Park, from 12:00 P.M to 4:00 P.M. Afterwards, there were fireworks at the Old Tappan Golf Course from 6:00 P.M to 9:00 P.M. We interviewed Mr. Johnson about how he helped create interviews with some Old Tappan residents. These residents talked about the history of Old Tappan, and played at the Town Day celebration. Hope you enjoyed the celebration, and maybe we’ll see you at the 150th celebration in 2044!

Information You Need to Know About the School Musical! by: Samantha Read the script and practice the songs because the musical is coming to town! Charles DeWolf Middle School will be putting on a musical this year called.. Disney’s Beauty & The Beast Jr. Are you interested in auditioning? The first auditions will be held on January 7th, 2020. That will be a Tuesday. There will also be dance auditions on January 8th, which will be the following day after the actual auditions. Callbacks will take place after all auditions are done. Further information about the musical will be released later. In the meantime, good luck to everyone who will audition!

What to Get Your Parents For the Holidays!

By: Nina and Sienna

Do you need some idea about what to get your parents for Christmas? We have some ideas. We gathered ideas from several students and teachers in CDW. Some ideas suggested were homemade gifts, jewelry, and tools. Mrs. Flannery mentioned a great idea that her family does every year. They do an act of kindness, gather together, and write down the acts of kindness they all did in a book on Christmas Eve. Ms. DiPisa also said that kids should do a favor for their parents. Hope this gives you some ideas about what to give your parents for Christmas!

Student Showcase: Rosie Im Rosie Im came to CDW a few years ago, and made a big impact! Her solo performance at the Winter Holiday Concert mesmerized students, staff, and parents. Perhaps even more impressive was her kindness and compassion that she showed to everyone. Rosie made her mark on our school, and this video is here to showcase her talent, and to say goodbye as she leaves our school. Best of luck with everything Rosie!

Holiday Spirit Week!

By: Auden, Amanda, and Sadie

CDW Holiday Spirit Week! Spirit week starts December 16th. Monday is pajama day. Roll out of bed and come to school. Lots of kids participate in this one! Tuesday is snow day! Dress up in all your snow gear. Such as, gloves, hats, and etc. Wednesday is school spirit day, Wear your school merchandise. You can wear choir shirts/sweatshirts, band sweatshirts/t-shirts, or just school colors. Thursday is holiday flair day. Most dressed up for Christmas/Hanukkah will win a prize. Make sure you dress up fully! Lastly Friday is ugly sweater day. Wear your ugly sweater if you have one! We hope lots of kids participate in this years Holiday Spirit Week! 

Holiday Concert
By Sophia and Madison

On December 13, all band and choir students had a daytime concert during periods 2 and 3. On December 18, 5th and 6th grade band students will have a night time concert at 7:30. The band and choir students had a great performance! All the band and choir students worked very hard every week. Great job to all band and choir students and both Ms. Osbahr and Mr. Rosalanko for putting on such a fantastic show!


By: Aliya, Alice, and Lauren

Have you ever wondered why people liked band so much or why they play the instrument that they do? Band students at CDW, along with Mr. Ro, were  interviewed about the instrument that they play and why band is so fun for them. What instrument do you play? Why do you like band? Which part do you like best? There was a lot of different instruments that people played, and a lot of reasons why people like band so much. Watch this video to see what people had to say about this. We hope you enjoy this video and we hope you get a lot of information about the band.

CDW Volleyball Team 2019

by Sophia and Madison

Have you ever wondered how good the CDW volleyball team did this year? We interviewed fans and players on the volleyball team asking them about the season and games.  The volleyball team's record was 1-12. They came in 6th and made it to the first round of the playoffs. Overall, they had a great season and worked very hard.

Favorite Thanksgiving Food

by: Sue, Sophia, Ashley, Olivia

Thanksgiving Day is a national holiday celebrated on various dates in the United States, Canada, and some of the Caribbean islands. In all of these places, everyone has their own traditional food they eat on Thanksgiving. What’s yours? In this video we interviewed some teachers and students on what their fav
orite Thanksgiving food is. Most people said their favorite food is turkey, but some people had many different types of food that they enjoy.  When you sit down for your Thanksgiving feast, take some time to think about your culture influences your meal. Happy Thanksgiving!

Cambodia Club

By Eesha, Keira, and Michela

In Cambodia Club, we help our partner school in Cambodia, a country in Asia, by raising money. This money is used to renovate their school, train their teachers, and supply them with desks, chairs, etc. We are doing this to help them recover from the Cambodia Genocide, which wiped out most of their country. Our efforts help improve the students’ and teachers’ learning environment, so they can come to school, happy to be able to learn. We raise the money that we donate to our partner school by organizing fundraisers. You probably heard of our fundraiser last year, Canvases for Cambodia. In that fundraiser, we raised about twelve hundred dollars! This year, we are planning another paint night, hoping to raise even more money. Later in the year, we will have another fundraiser that YOU can help us plan. Join the Cambodia Club to help others!

What's in the Teacher's Lounge?
By: Max, Arav, Luke, and Kenji

Have you ever wondered what mysteries lie in the teacher’s lounge? We interviewed many students and Mr. Westervelt on their thoughts and guesses on what is in the teacher’s lounge. We interviewed several students about their thoughts. Some students thought it was pretty basic in there, and like a couch and coffee machine. Some students however, are more creative in their thinking. They think that there are vending machines, video games, T.Vs, and more. Many teachers did not want to reveal the teacher’s lounge so they made many false claims. Even though at first we don’t actually know what’s in there, at the end of our video, we reveal the teacher's lounge.Watch our video to find out more... Although we learned a bit about what’s inside the teachers lounge, some mysteries still remain!

kindercare Kindercare

By Zoe Geallat

Have you ever seen a daycare that has kids from age 2 learning their abc’s in less than a week? Well I have! Old Tappan KinderCare has everything including entertainment for kids to knowing how to care for others and understanding as well as to express emotions. This daycare doesn’t only do the things named but teaches important life lessons for the future that is important to be taught. On the website there is comfy KinderCare merchandise for the ones who wish to have school spirit. The merchandise contains the following good quality heavyweight cotton, %100 real cotton, polyester, and a blend of cotton and polyester. Sometimes this product can hold many sizes for both kids and adults for the different genres. With this day care, any kids dream would come true by just paying attention to the right things that need to be taught!


The New Art Teacher
By: Adam and Adam

Today is Mrs. Twomey’s last day at CDW. We had a chance to interview her before she left. We asked her why did she want to be a teacher? It turns out that she really likes working with kids and she loves art. She did teach before she worked here, one year in 8th grade, but mostly high school. After CDW, Mrs. Twomey will be going to a high school, and she’ll teach there until June. And then, she wants to keep teaching but she doesn’t know where it’s going to be next. We asked Students what they thought about Mrs. Twomey. The responses of the students were that she is a nice and fun teacher and she is very helpful. Mrs. Stein will take over Mrs. Twomey’s place until Mrs. Watters comes back. We wish you all the best, Mrs. Twomey, and we welcome Mrs. Stein to CDW in her place.

Color Run Recap
By Auden and Amanda

The CDW Color Run was a big success! After the parents set up all of the supplies, the students lined up ready to go while wearing their white shirts. After hearing the directions from Ms. Brock, the students took off running. Kids were getting sprayed by parents and teachers. Eventually most kids got dirty. Some students only had a little bit of powder on them, but others got really messy. All that walking and running can make you thirst, so students stopped for water breaks. Afterwards, kids enjoyed their time outside playing games. Thank you to the students who donated and participated in the color run. We hope you all enjoyed!

CDW School Merch
By Matteo and Devyn

Do you like to support our school? If so, then you should watch this video. After watching it, you can find where you can get merchandise that represents our school. We asked Mrs Richardson when the online shop closes and will open back up. She gave us information on how to buy merch online. We also asked a few 6th graders and they thought the merch was cool but wanted to add some nice designs and some other objects like backpacks, and hats. Mr. Ro told us about the band merchandise and how to buy it. Consider buying some merch of our school to show off your school spirit.

New Additions to CDW
By: Bryan, Luke, and Jett

Notice anything different about the school? We want to show you some of the new additions to CDW. First is the new fifth grade bathrooms. We interviewed Joey about the new bathrooms and he gave an opinion a lot of students have. We also talked about the new floors. We interviewed Arav, and he gave us his opinion. We also interviewed Luke Behrens about the brand new outdoor classroom. There are a lot of things to enjoy about the new additions to CDW, and we wonder what else will be added in the future.

Get Ready for the Color Run
By Ava and Nicoletta

Are you excited for the color run? We went around the school asking students if they were excited. They all mostly answered with yes, and explained the fun of getting powder poured on you and being able to spend time and enjoy time with friends. The people we asked were Isaiah, Ryan, Jason, Lili, and Sofia. We had the most fun doing our part filming, but we also really enjoyed filming it to. We also included some information about the color run. We explained that it will be held on October 25. If you would like a shirt and to participate also sunglasses it will cost $25 to have it. It will be a very fun and special experience, and it will be an amazing time to enjoy and spend time with your friends and teachers. You even got to spray Mr. Lauriello and Mr. O’Neill with color, including all the other teachers too! We really hope you enjoy the Color Run!

Favorite Things About Fall
by: Sue, Ashley, Sophia, and Olivia

Have you ever wondered what your friends’ favorite things about fall was? We interviewed some students and teachers about what their favorite things about fall are. We interviewed teachers such as Mrs. Suriano and Ms. Dipisa, and students such as Nicole, Joey, Anthony, etc. Teachers and students from CDW gave us their opinions on fall. Some teachers said their favorite things about fall were the beautiful trees and some students said things such as Halloween, free candy, and more. We hope you enjoyed this video and enjoy this year’s fall.

Fright Night
by: Nina Caunedo, Sadie Murphy, and Sienna Drullinsky

Are you excited for Fright Night this year! We interviewed some students from different grades and asked them questions about Fright Night. The students were Chase, Alivia, Zack, Luke, Jeremiah, and Jamie. We asked them what are most looking forward to at Fright Night? We also wanted to ask some older students what was their favorite part about Fright Night last year? This year there will be food, a magic mirror, bingo, a DJ, and more. If you come to Fright Night, you will also get a homework pass to use in any class! Fright Night is not something you are not going to want to miss. It is a great opportunity to hang out with friends and have fun. Don’t miss out on this and we hope you have a great time at Fright Night.

Teen Night
by: Auden Cho and Amanda Reilly

Are you ready for teen night? Well CDW was! We interviewed multiple students and asked them if they were excited for teen night. We interviewed the following students, Lili Setrakian, Ava Hull, Jake Behrens, Harold Kang, and Isaiah Alvarez who were asked if they were going to come to teen night, and if they were excited. Most of the students we interviewed were attending the event, and were excited for it, but one student wasn’t. We also interviewed two teachers who were the hosts of teen night, Mr. Capilli and Mr. Westervelt. They were excited to dance and have fun! There was music and food and a DJ. Also, if you participated you received a homework pass! Teen night was going to be a blast and it officially was a blast! We hope that everyone who went had a great night.

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