Elective choices
At the high school scheduling meeting, students are required to provide 4 electives that they would like to take as 9th graders.  Students will be given 2 out of the 4 electives.  Below is a list of electives offered for incoming 9th graders.

Business Education:
1. Business and Personal Finance (formerly BOM): Introduction to business course.  This is where you will play the Stock Market game and the Game of Life.
2. 21st Century Business Apps (formerly Computer Inputting Applications): technology course where you learn Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Photoshop and Pages.  Students also learn to type properly and with accuracy.

Visual Arts:
1. Art Experience: foundation course for the visual arts program.
2. Digital Art and Design: computer-based art, graphic design.  Students use Adobe Illustrator/Photoshop.
3. Comic Books, Anime, Video Game Art: students learn the basic elements of drawing, digital coloring and design to create their own original work.

Theater Arts:
1. Introduction to Theater: overview of theater. Students will learn basic techniques in acting, major playwrights, introduction to stage craft, lighting and sound design.

Family and Consumer Science:
1. Life Skills: topics include~ communication skills, study skills, financial literacy, basic food preparation and nutrition, child developments, housing and interior design.

Technology Education:
1. Technology and Engineering Foundations: the course is for students interested in STEM, it is a hands-on and project oriented course.  Topics include~ hand sketching and drawing, computer aided design (CAD), engineering design, electronics, woodworking, and computer programming.

1. Concert Chorus
2. Concert Strings: for students who currently play a string instrument.
3. Concert Band: for students who currently play a wind instrument.
4. Beginner Band: non-performance class
5. Guitar: non-performance class
6. Exploring Music: learning music through guitar, keyboard and music technology. non-performance class.