Applying to other schools

Applying to other schools?

If you are thinking about applying to other middle or high schools, please contact me to set up a meeting to discuss the application process. It is also recommended that your child attend the meeting, as well. Most schools require recommendations. If your child is asking a teacher to fill out a recommendation, then he or she needs to fill out the “all about me” form, which can be found under the "all about me" tab.  This form must be given to any teachers who are writing a letter of recommendation.  


If you are asking a teacher to write you a letter of recommendation, you must do the following:

1. ask the teacher if he/she will write you a letter of recommendation. 2. see attached 2018 Application Timeline for due dates. 3. if the forms/letter must be mailed to the school, you must give the teachers a stamped, addressed envelope to each school you are applying to. 4. give the teacher a copy of your "all about me." 5. provide all necessary forms to Mrs. Richardson. See attached 2018 Application Timeline for due dates.