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I hope you and you're family are well. I miss you all and please continue to practice
s  o  c  i   a   l                      d   i   s   t    a    n    c    i    n    g   !

Last week TBD had an extra music day where I posted 2 videos and I'd like to share them with you this week.
Here's the Garbage song!

Here is a game called the Hip Hop Game.
If we were together we'd all move around the room but since you all are a older
you can move around or clap the rhythms with me!

Here are some fun color by rhythm sheets that you may wish to do.

Lastly, here's a song we did many times at TBD. I changed the words to try to get you guys to focus!

Stay well everyone! Happy Summer. Stay Strong!

Grade 5 and 6 for the week of June 12-19/2020

Here's part 2 of Texture in music. Part one was assigned last week and is listed below.

Let's look at a few more musical genres (styles) from Brain pop!
Please use this information below to gain access.


Last week we talked a little about the pentatonic scale.
Here a brain pop on scales I'd like you to see

Listed below may be a review for grade 6 but I hope you all will enjoy the following links below. 
Here is 50 Nifty United States

Compare this to Tour of the Sates

And for a little zaniness here's the animaniacs

 Here are some other links you should checkout.
The Notation song
Lines and spaces

Have a great week everyone!

Grade 5 and 6 for the week of June 8-12/2020

This week we are going to begin by looking at a popular scale in many styles of music. The pentatonic scale has only 5 notes as compared to our typical 8 note scales. Here's a video by Howard Goodall explaining the scale

Here's a video of the great Bobby McFerrin (this video is more kid friendly)

Here's another video featuring the Bobby McFerrin

Here's an interesting short video on sound.

Lastly. you've talked about texture in Art class but how does it relate to music. Find out here!

 For the week of June 1-5/2020
I hope everyone is doing well. This week I've found some interesting Brain Pops for you. Although your login uses the tbd4 access code these lesson are designed for older students.

Please use the following for access and as always send me an email if you have any problems with any of the links and I will do my best to help.
Listed below may be a review for grade 6 but I hope you all enjoy the following links below.


There are games and other activities you may enjoy once you're into the brainpop site.
Have a good week everyone!

Grade 5 and 6 
for the week of May 26-29/2020

Here's a great special on how America's classical music, Jazz came to be. 
It's the best video I've found for you and there's a lot of interesting information here.

Please view the following links. 
 In Bob Dylan's song Blowin' in the Wind notice how Dylan uses poetry
to ask questions of how we can make the world a better place.
Compare this version with Dylan's performance here
Here is Peter Paul and Mary's version of If I had a Hammer
 They sang this song with Dr. Martin Luther King and were at many events
that helped changed our country for the better!
Lastly (for now) please view any music videos by
Howard Goodall on music or famous musicians.
Here's a link to one of them

Have a great week friends!

Grade 5 and 6 
for the week of May 18-22/2020
This week we're starting with the King. The King I admire most Elvis Presley!!
Here's an excellent short Biography on Elvis.

Here's Elvis singing "Hound Dog". Notice his great voice and his "offensive" dance style.

Let's move now from King of Rock and Roll to the King Pop.
Michael Jackson was a truly talented singer who had many hit songs.
Here's a biography on Michael.

Earlier in the term we've listened and discussed Stevie Wonder's "Sir Duke".

Here's a great biography on the master

Stevie brought his funky sound to Sesame Street! In his song "Superstition".
This song is often misinterpreted on commercials, Stevie is clearly say not to be 

Here is a good review of basic rhythms in music.

Grade 5 and 6    for the week of May 11-15/2020

We're going to start by learning more about that important form for in american music, the 12 bar blues. You had a short lesson on that a few weeks ago and I hope you'll enjoy this new lesson I found for you.

So much great music in varied styles comes from this 12 measure form!

Watch Phineas and Ferb again and noticed the whole song is in 12 bar blues form (except the little guitar solo part in the middle)

Little Richard (born Richard Penniman) passed over the weekend at age 87. He is one of my favorite rock and rollers and here's a clip of him using the 12 bar blues form.

Next we are going to learn about two of the greatest musicians of all time.
The both use the blues form as well but in different ways. 
First up is Miles Davis.
He's the 2nd most famous trumpet player ever only behind Louis Armstrong!
Here's a brief bio on him

Let's listen to the begining one of his most famous songs from the best selling
Jazz album of all time "Kind of Blue"

Our 2nd great artist I'd like you to learn about today is Bob Dylan. He recently won a nobel prize for literature and his lyrics are deeply rooted in poetry.

Check out the poetry of his song "Blowin in the Wind" which helped make this country a better place,
and here's Bob singing it....

Lastly let's look at and review rhythm in music.

I strongly suggest you check out some more songs by Miles Davis and Bob Dylan,
just ask Alexa or search their greatest hits on the web.
Wishing you and your family a good and healthy week (It's going to get warmer soon)!

Grade 5 and 6       for the week of May 4-8/2020

Here are 2 links to some music animation by two of the greatest composers of all time.
 The first is opening movement to Beethoven's 5th Symphony.
Remember when we discussed Beethoven's use of 3 repeated notes and then a 4th note      (usually a lower note but not always!)
Listen to the true Master Builder and look for those 4 notes phrases!

Here's a link to Mozart magnificent piano concerto in D minor.
I hope you enjoy these musical masterpieces.

Here are links to 2 videos, the first is about form in music and second one that I created for you about Jacob Collier take on the Flinstones theme song.

Grade 5 and 6       for the week of April 27- May 1/2020

5th and 6th grade please watch the following links below. We're going to look at  a popular song form in music called  the 12 bar (measure) blues. It's used in many styles of music. It's the most prevalent form in 1950's rock and roll although it existed in many genres for decades before.
Listen to the song here
Here's the Phineas and Ferb link we've discussed in class
Lastly, here's a clip of the world's most famous cellist when he was just 7 years (no he's not playing "Once I was 7 Years Old")  he's introduced by Leonard Bernstein who we just begun learning about in 6th grade.
Have a great week friends. 

E learning Activities for the Week of 4/20-2/25/2020

Hi everyone! I'm going to combine 5th and 6th this week. Please view and enjoy the following Videos.

Here are some Pentatonix Videos to checkout

 Here's the mega talented multi instrumentalist Jacob Collier

 and the great  Esperanza Spalding

 Here's one last link for you.

The Notation song

Have a good week everyone. I miss seeing you all and hope to see you soon!

For the week of 4/13-4/19/2020
Grade 5
Students are encouraged to spend some time exploring instruments and their families. You will login in as a local game. The intro is long but you should hear it once and then proceed to the game. All my students in Quarters 1-3 followed the game with a Quiz on the instruments but my 4th quarter friends do not have to take the quiz.

 Grade 6 
Please listen 2 times to Stevie Wonder's song Sir Duke.

Stevie's talking about his music heroes! When Stevie was your age early Rock and Roll was the most popular music of the time but his heroes made music before rock! He mentions a few great band leaders. Let's checkout the sound of the music that inspired him and still inspires many musicians!!

Here's two by Glenn Miller  (and these songs brought us closer to Rock and Roll)


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