CDW Student Manager, Old Tappan Anti-Bullying & Title IX Coordinator

Sabatino Lauriello2023-2024

Dear Parent(s) and/or Guardian(s):

As most of you are aware, middle school presents a wonderful learning environment that encourages personal growth through character development, academic guidance, and social/emotional support. However, it also comes with new challenges not previously experienced in an elementary setting. These experiences can sometimes cause discomfort and promote negative stress that may be difficult to cope with. But, there is help. The collective effort of our school community and supportive stakeholders can help cultivate student growth by teaching practical methods of becoming more resilient, reflecting on personal choices, and being more inclusive of one another. 
I look forward to working with all of you as we help prepare your child(ren) to become incredible contributors to our society.

 "Once students see the value of who they are, they will start to see the value they can offer others ." - Mr. L.

Additional Tips for Middle School Success
Be Involved
Provide Homework Support
Monitor Progress
Assist in Developing Positive Self-Image
Provide Peer Relations Support
Discuss Tough Issues
Set Limits 

Sabatino Lauriello
CDW Student Manager
Old Tappan Anti-Bullying & Title IX Coordinator
Summer Enrichment Coordinator
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